2021 | engagements

Friday 05 March

Carrie Chen Collaborative Piano Recital

Alvin Etler, Sonata for Bassoon and Piano

7:30pm EST, Indiana University

Saturday 03 April

CSU BassoonaRAMA

Expert Insights: "Beyond the Orchestra Excerpt"

9am-4:30pm MDT, Virtual


Wednesday 21 April

DM Final Project Public Presentation

"The Operatic Bassoon: A Pedagogical Excerpt Collection"

4:00pm EDT, Zoom

Saturday 08 May

Texas Flute Society, Lecture Recital:

Volante Winds & Brian Raphael Nabors Until Dawn

5:30pm CST, Virtual

Friday 14 May

OLLI Presentation: Tour of the Orchestra, "The Bassoon - with Sara Fruehe"

1:00pm EST, Zoom


Monday 12 July - Friday 30 July

California Central Coast Orchestra and Jazz Academy

Bassoon Faculty


Wednesday 18 August

ChamberFest Brown County

Volante Winds with Futata Niekawa, piano

7:00pm EST, Nashville United Methodist Church,

Nashville, IN